OneNote SP 1

A preview of OneNote Service Pack 1 is
on the web
. For those who haven't heard, OneNote is a cool new note-taking application released last year as part of Office 2003.

Most service packs only contain bug fixes since
companies don't like surprise features and don't want to have to retrain everyone
every time they deploy a service pack. So, this Office service pack that includes updates for OneNote and

, and the upcoming
Windows XP SP 2 update, are notable
in that they include many brand new features.

Chris Pratley
, the Group Program Manager for Word and OneNote, and
Peter Rysavy of Tabula PC have
excellent blog posts detailing
some of the new OneNote features.

A few notable ones that stood out to me:

  • My favorite audio notes feature
    works for video now too.
  • Import notes from the Pocket PC. Essentially lets you bring into
    OneNote notes you've taken anywhere.
  • A limited API lets outside programs import info into OneNote. I'll bet
    we'll be seeing some neat companion programs to OneNote soon.
  • Encrypted sections for your secret notes.

Random tangent (these tend to come up a lot when I'm blogging): I wonder how the press uses these
ultra-high resolution pictures that Microsoft sticks up of our execs. Click

the picture of Chris in this interview
to see what I mean. I'd be a little
freaked if a picture of me like that was put up (heh).

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