released the Windows Installer XML
(WiX) toolset
yesterday under an open source license,
though this is nothing crazy new since the company has released Rotor and even
Windows source under its Shared Source program.

Still, this is the first code Microsoft has released under an OSS-approved license.
It feels really weird to see something by Microsoft up on SourceForge.

But then again, after seeing Steve Balmer and Scott McNealy
cracking jokes up on stage together last week, nothing surprises me anymore.

Comments (3)

  1. This IS something totally new. Rotor isn’t exactly good for anything except playing at the moment, it is far from the caliber of software that WIX is. WIX is used to build SQL Server. Rotor is used to.. um… well, nevermind.

    Shared Source and Open Source are also completely different.

    The main thing, though, like you said, is that they released it on SourceForge instead of their own GDNWorkspaces. Very interesting…

  2. Shannon,

    Just to be a little more exact, <a href="">Shared Source</a> is a framework used to share code outside of the <a href="">company</a&gt;. There are many different licenses used by the Shared Source Initiative. The CPL is just the latest.

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