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You're probably familiar with the three little buttons in the bottom-left corner of

PowerPoint that let you switch views:


[Normal View] [Slide Sorter View] [Slide Show]

Did you know you could press Ctrl or Shift while pressing them to invoke all
sorts of crazy commands?

Here's a table summarizing what you can do:

  Normal View - left button Slide Sorter View - middle button Slide Show - right button
Normal Normal View Slide Sorter View Slide Show from current slide
With Shift Slide Master View Handout Master View Setup Show
With Ctrl Normal View Slide Sorter View Mini Slide Show
With Ctrl-Shift Normal View without thumbnail and notes panes Outline Setup Show

There are two notable ones out of those. They're notable primarily because I
don't think there's a way to invoke them except through these shortcuts, though
someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  1. The coolest one is Ctrl + Slide Show. I often find myself playing the full
    screen Slide Show just to preview an animation. With this, I can display a little
    Slide Show window
    simultaneously edit slides in the main window.

    The little window is a fully working instance of the Slide Show.  Here
    I've inked in it, just like I can in the real Slide Show:



  2. I was HREF="/waynekao/archive/2004/03/30/102255.aspx">complaining the other

    day about how hard it can be to edit text in PowerPoint
    without having to worry about how it looks. Ctrl + Shift + Slide Sorter View displays a

    full page outline to let you
    focus on your text.

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  1. Great!!!

    I’m working with HP and was kindda looking for Mini Slide show thing….

    Thanks for thy help

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