Slides From Outline

PowerPoint is great for creating and presenting a presentation, but you may not feel
comfortable organizing your thoughts or writing text there. Although PowerPoint has an outline pane
(see the Outline tab in the image below in the upper-left?), I often prefer organizing text in
Microsoft Word or Notepad, where I can focus on my text without worrying how it

Fortunately, it's easy to import this text into PowerPoint once I'm ready to create my presentation.

Check out the Insert menu | Slides From Outline.


Then just apply a design template to make it pretty.

I've gotten this to work most successfully with:

  • plain text files and
  • Word files that have headings created in Outline View (View |
    Outline in Word)

This feature's been around at least since PowerPoint 4.0, but I never quite found it until someone pointed it out to me.

Comments (3)

  1. Chris says:

    Enterprise is awesome!! Especially this season. Much better than many Voyager episodes.

  2. Wayne Kao says:

    Really? I admit I haven’t watched Enterprise at all this season. Was never a big fan of Voyager either.

    I watched TOS, TNG, and DS9 religiously, but starting with Voyager, I felt the show degraded mostly into cheap thrills with action and sex to appeal to a larger audience, and lost the good stories and character development. Enterprise had a good premise with the prequel stuff, and I enjoyed First Contact, but from what I saw, it never really built on it and became just another bad action show.

    Maybe I’ll give it another chance next season.

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