Need a Job?

My team is hiring Software Design Engineers. In addition to
PowerPoint and OfficeArt, my focus in this blog, our group also develops:

If you have a passion for creating great software, and want to work on
programs used by millions around the world, this may be the place for you. A BA/BS in Computer Science and experience with a language like C/C++ is
also helpful.

Here are the two job listings posted on the Microsoft Careers site:

If you're not a graphics guy, don't let the descriptions scare you. Many
people, including me, aren't. I didn't even take my school's graphics class
and I'm still having a blast working on this stuff.

Unlike most Microsoft jobs, our group is far from the Redmond mother ship. We're
located in Mountain View, California, at
Silicon Valley Campus (SVC).
You can learn a little more about SVC in
the blog entry Dennis
Cheung wrote
a few days ago for the Jobs Blog.

Anyway, if that sounds interesting, submit your resumé through the links above, or click
the Contact link at the left to contact me directly and I can forward your resumé to the right people. It's quite possible we'll end up working together one day.

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