Linked Excel text boxes

One cool feature in Excel is the ability to link any OfficeArt textbox's value to an


Here's how:

  1. Launch Excel and find a cell containing some text or a number you want to link to.

    I'll just type my name into cell A1.


  2. Create something that can hold OfficeArt text. This rectangle autoshape will do just




    autoshapes from the Drawing toolbar or go to the Insert menu |

    Picture | Autoshapes, then pick your favorite shape.

  3. Click the rectangle to select it.


  4. Type =A1 in the text strip at the top to link its text to A1, then hit enter.

    It's the same thing you'd type to link one Excel cell to another one.


  5. The OfficeArt text in the rectangle updates.


That's all well and good, but why is this useful in real life?

Say you have a simple data table. You can create a cycle diagram with segments linked

to data in your table.

[diagram before image]

Now, if you change values in your table, the diagram updates automatically.

[diagram after image]

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