An ellipsis can be useful to have in a diagram: [diagram picture] I’ve been asked on several occasions how to make one of these puppies, so I thought I’d publish the steps I saw one of my coworkers use: Launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Get the Drawing toolbar to show up if it’s not already…


Slides From Outline

PowerPoint is great for creating and presenting a presentation, but you may not feel comfortable organizing your thoughts or writing text there. Although PowerPoint has an outline pane (see the Outline tab in the image below in the upper-left?), I often prefer organizing text in Microsoft Word or Notepad, where I can focus on my…


The Apprentice

Two of my coworkers, including our dev manager, got up at 3 AM Saturday morning to audition for The Apprentice, the hit NBC show that’s a smash hit in my group. They even made it into the local newspaper: Robert Parker and Amit Kumar, software developers at Microsoft, said they stumbled onto the show one…


Need a Job?

My team is hiring Software Design Engineers. In addition to PowerPoint and OfficeArt, my focus in this blog, our group also develops: The core Tablet PC ink features in Office Picture Manager PowerPoint Viewer Meeting Workspace If you have a passion for creating great software, and want to work on programs used by millions around…


Audio notes

For almost as long as I can remember, laptops and computers have included microphone jacks. But, I’ve never found a good use for them. Granted, there are cute gimmicks that make use of a microphone. For example, Mac OS X has very cool speech features. I can, for example, hit a key, say, “What time…


Mac Office HTML

A short follow-up on my Office HTML post. Rick Schaut, a long-time Mac Word developer (with a really interesting blog about Office history and the MacBU), noted that Word for Windows’s filtered HTML feature appeared first on the Mac. Mac Word exposes it in the “Save as Web Page” menu item.


Office HTML

As a web developer, one of my biggest gripes with Office used to be the bloated HTML it would save out. I mean, give me a break, I type two words in a Word document. I expect something like this: <html> <head> <title>Wayne Kao</title> </head> <body>Wayne Kao</body> </html> Instead, Word produces this huge file that…


Command-line and PowerPoint Show files

PowerPoint supports a handful of command-line parameters. Use these to create special Windows shortcuts (right-click the desktop | New | Shortcut) or to perform PowerPoint tasks quickly from the command prompt. Of course you need to modify the commands based on where you installed PowerPoint: Open a presentation “x:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\powerpnt.exe” “filename.ppt” Print a presentation…


Linked Excel text boxes

One cool feature in Excel is the ability to link any OfficeArt textbox’s value to an Excel cell. Here’s how: Launch Excel and find a cell containing some text or a number you want to link to. I’ll just type my name into cell A1. [image] Create something that can hold OfficeArt text. This rectangle…


Outlook ink signature

One of the major pieces of work the OfficeArt team did for Office 2003 was add Tablet PC ink support.  In this post, I’ll show you how to create a signature that looks handwritten and stick at the bottom of your emails. Although you’ll get best results with a Tablet PC, one isn’t necessary to…