Azure Storage Blob upload from browser

Many web application needs end-users to upload files for processing. And these files need to be stored in a persisted storage. One common practice is, developers write code to upload the file and save it on the webserver itself. This approach is OK if the file size is small and/or smaller number of uploads. Recommended…


Azure DevOps to Azure AppServices

Azure DevOps is a complete solution for software development, from planning to building to deployment. It has easy to use interface, with a nice flow from source code to publishing. Here is a nice link that talks about different services within Azure DevOps Here are quick steps for on demand publishing websites from DevOps to…


Call Azure AD protected website using Managed Service Identity (MSI)

Lets say you have Web APIs hosted in an Azure AppService and these Web APIs are protected using Azure AD (EasyAuth). Now you would like to consume them from another website. One approach is using Service Principal account, where you create an Azure AD Application and use ClientID and secret in your website to get…


Troubleshooting missing projects while using VSTS continuous deployment for Azure App Service

Authored By: Shashank Ranjan Introduction This article shows you how to troubleshoot a specific symptom that you may encounter when configuring continuous deployment for Azure App Service. App Service enables continuous deployment from Bitbucket, GitHub, and Azure DevOps Services by pulling in the most recent updates from your existing repository in one of these services….