Incident Report from GoDaddy Regarding Azure App Service Certificates


On Friday, January 6th, 2017, GoDaddy became aware of a bug affecting their domain validation processing system. This bug was fixed late Friday. 

At 10 PM PST on Monday, Jan 9th, they completed the review to determine the scope of the problem, and identified the certificates that were affected by the bug.

The impacted certificates were revoked at 10 PM PST on Tuesday, Jan 10th, and are also logged to the Google Pilot CT log.

Next Steps

Impacted customers should receive an email as well as notification inside Azure Portal requesting to repurchase the certificate. Please follow the steps outlined in the article below to issue a new certificate and configure it for your web app.

Please note: To renew your certificate, you have to select one of the following verification options. (Please check the article at the link above for details.)

· Domain Verification

· Email Verification

· DNS TXT Record Verification (manual method)

You will be refunded in full for any old certificate that were previously charged but have now been revoked.

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