Azure Web App–Traffic Routing Error: Failed to update web app settings


This is a quick publish blog to address a particular issue (soon to be fixed) when trying to route traffic to a slot for an Azure Web App.  I will bring down this blog once the issue is fixed.

When setting up Traffic Routing for a slot you may get this error:  Failed to update web app settings for <websitenamehere>: There was an error processing your request. Please try again in a few moments.

Cause: In this particular issue, the problem is with our code when you are using the Chrome browser


1. Use another browser for this action like Internet Explorer or Edge

2. Use the following work flow:

Create the desired routing by selecting the slot and entering percentage of traffic to route to it (stage and 10 in my case)


Select the slot AGAIN in the pull down below the one you just added then right click on it and choose DELETE:


Save your changes and you should be successful!

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