Azure Web Site – FTP Credentials per Site.

How does one restrict the Azure Website FTP configuration  in a way that only one Developer/Business Unit can deploy to the Corresponding site?

Imagine a Subscription that has three Sites and three Developers.  A Developer (or Business Unit) is using a FTP Client like FileZilla and needs to be restricted to his own Site for Code Deployment.

Site S1: Developer User1

Site S2: Developer User2

Site S3: Developer User3

There is a Solution. Use the FTP Method in Publishing  Profile. Download the Publishing file under Quick Glance in Dashboard

Open the file in XML Editor or Notepad . Go to the section where it says “publishMethod="FTP" Take the username/Userpwd from that.

Publishing Profile in XML Editor  or  Notepad



Open a FTP Client like FileZilla

Put HostName Textbox : “”

Username: zoherb12\$zoherb12

Password: put whatever the string is in userPWD

The Username, Password will be different for each Site. To test, you can click on the “Reset your Publishing Profile”


This will reset the Password for that one Site only. You can then download the Publish Profile again, open in Notepad and you will see a different password this time for that one Site. Other sites will not be affected.


What cannot work in this  scenario?  The FTP Deployment Credentials on the Dashboard are for ALL sites.

Deployment/FTPUser Screenshot

Deployment Credentails are tied to your Microsoft ID. If you click on “Reset your Deployment Credentials”, that will change the FTP Deployment credentials for all Sites under that Microsoft ID, and  not just one Site.


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  1. Nicolas Rojas says:

    Perfect post! thx ZoherBharmal.

  2. Chris says:

    Great Post thanks for the clarification.

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