PowerShell script to execute DOS commands using KUDU APIs

Lets say you would like to get the machine name from all VM instances that are running your Azure AppService website or you would like to create a folder under the wwwroot, this below sample PowerShell scripts can execute any DOS command


PowerShell script to execute commands in SCM website on all instances

Here is a quick PowerShell script to execute commands in SCM website on all instances. For example, lets say you have a website running in an App Service Plan that has more than one instance and you would like to delete log files form all instances. You can log into KUDU console at <your website…


Terminate w3wp.exe process without stopping website

Here is a quick way to terminate w3wp.exe process in Azure App Service Website without stopping the whole website. Note : Azure AppService website can run on multiple instances and there is another w3wp.exe process called SCM running on each instance (we shouldn’t kill this process). So we just have to get list of all…


ASP.NET Core AppSettings for Azure App Service

In regular .NET world, we have option to save settings in web.config or in app.config file. But in .NET Core, you have option to save them in few other locations like appsettings.json , appsettings.<Environment>.json and in secrets.json. One of the main reason settings are not saved in web.config file is, to avoid settings getting checked-into…


Investigating issues using WebDeploy for Azure App Service

How can I investigate issues deploying to my site using WebDeploy\MSDeploy? You can publish to your Web Site using Visual Studio\VSTS or  using WebDeploy directly. In general both Visual Studio\VSTS are using WebDeploy behind the scenes. You can review your VSTS Release step to see if it is using MSDeploy. E.G   Here are the…


Best Practices for Azure App Service ARM templates

In Azure App Service support we see a lot of customers utilizing the power of Azure Resource Manager templates to deploy their Web Apps and Functions. Here are some resources you should be aware of when creating these templates to avoid common issues. The Azure App Service team have published guidance on this topic here….


Azure Durable Functions

This blogs talks about how to create a simple Durable Function App. There are three components to Durable Function App. Main / Starter Function Workflow / Orchestrator Function Activity Function Durable Function App needs all three functions. Main / Starter function is responsible for starting a workflow instance. Workflow / Orchestrator function has workflow logic,…