How do I edit tabular data/data in a DataGridView in a details form?

Abstract This sample shows how to edit data from a DataGridView in a details form which opens when one double clicks on the RowHeader of the DataGridView. Since both forms are bound to the same datasource one sees an instant update on both forms when the user decides to save the data and additional roundtrips…


How do I access the clipboard to copy and paste text, images or generic objects?

Abstract This short sample details how to access the clipboard to copy and paste text, images or generic objects. In order to do so this sample uses the Clipboard Class. How Do I Video The corresponding How-Do-I video can be found here. Source Code Visual Basic | C# Additional Resources .NET Framework Class Library – The…


How do I inform one form that data in another form got changed?

AbstractThis short sample demonstrates how to let one form in a Windows Forms application know when data in another form got changed. To implement this behavior I’ll show you how to create an event on Form2 and how to subscribe to this event on Form1 using the Handles keyword. The C# source code uses delegates…


How do I exchange data between two forms of a Windows Forms application?

I regularly check the forums to get an understanding what’s going on in the community and what’s troubling our customers. Based on my findings I created some videos including the corresponding source code which I’m releasing over the next couple of days and subsequently when things come up (and there is a lot out there…


„Beginner Developer Learning Center“ für Software Entwickler

Gute Nachrichten für Programmiereinsteiger 🙂 Seit gestern ist auf MSDN das “Beginner Developer Learning Center” verfügbar welches sich speziell an Programmiereinsteiger richtet. In drei Stufen werden die Grundlagen der Windows- und Webprogrammierung vermittelt wobei eine Stufe zwischen acht bis zehn Unterrichtseinheiten umfasst. Die Themen der ersten Stufe sind grundsätzlicher Natur und setzen keinerlei Vorkenntnisse voraus….