30 free Cheat Sheets (Browser compat, SEO, PHP, CSS, JS, SL, …)

Found a great list of 30 cheat sheets/Reference guides on webdesigner depot (Thanks to Günter Hagedorn for this tip!).

  1. 25-Point Website Usability Checklist
  2. Browser Compatibility Table
  3. Web Standards Checklist
  4. Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet
  5. Tweet Sheet 2
  6. XHTML Cheat Sheet v1.03
  7. CSS Cheat Sheet
  8. Blueprint Framework and Blueprint CSS Cheat Sheet
  9. Mixing Typefaces
  10. Common Fonts for all Versions of Windows, and Mac Equivalents
  11. Official Adobe Photoshop CS4 Reference
  12. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts
  13. Adobe Flash CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts
  14. ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 Migration Cheat Sheet
  15. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts
  16. WordPress Help Sheet
  17. Advanced WordPress Help Sheet
  18. WordPress Theme Development Checklist
  19. JavaScript Cheat Sheet
  20. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet (v2)
  21. jQuery Visual Map
  22. MooTools Cheat Sheet
  23. Prototype Cheat Sheet
  24. Python
  25. mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet (v2)
  26. PHP Cheat Sheet (V2)
  27. SQL Server Cheat Sheet
  28. MySQL Cheat Sheet
  29. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet
  30. ASP/VBScript Cheat Sheet

This list neatly complements the Various Cheat Sheets (.NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, RegEx, ...) post I did a couple of month ago which I updated with the following links:



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