New features for

Well, it took me a while but I finally implemented some neat features for 🙂 (@ least in my opinion). I intended to be more flexible and ended up implementing query parameters to adjust the appearance of the page. At present the following query parameters are supported:

  1. DateFrom, DateTo
    Using these parameter one can control the time-span to be shown. DateFrom and DateTo have to be in the format yyyyMMddHHmmss (I need to implement time zone as well…).

  2. MapStyle
    Sets the style of the map using the VEMapStyle Enumeration.

  3. ShowLastPosition
    Controls wether the last position should be shown as well or not. This feature comes in handy if one wants to display a time span somewhere else than the current position.

  4. RouteDrawingMode
    RouteDrawingMode can be either Dots or Line and controls if the route should be drawn as an animated route of dots (including time and speed) or a polygon.

Using the above mentioned params allowed me to set up a neat compilation 🙂

Flight from Munich to Rostock

Circling over Rostock because of ground fog.

Flight from Seattle to Munich

Flight from Seattle to Munich with transit in Copenhagen.

One day in Whistler ;-)

Skiing in Whistler. Truly amazing and since I already was in Seattle a chance I couldn’t possibly miss 😉

A lifetime dream coming true - Heliskiing in Whistler :-)

A lifelong dream coming true 🙂 Heliskiing (or heliboarding to be more precise) in Whistler! Beyond rational thought!!!

Vacation in Italy

Vacation in Italy visiting Como, Milan, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Lucca, Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. Unfortunately this was only a one week long trip and we were rushing through Italy 😉 This collections contains some nice pictures as well.

Still on my mind is to open to everybody. Let me know if you’d like that.



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