Cool Photoshop Tutorials available online for free

Well, I’ll probably get fired for this (Just kidding! Have a look @ Life At Microsoft – The Truth Revealed to see how working for MS REALLY looks like…) but I wanted to make you aware of some cool Photoshop tutorials. We might face the fact that paint isn’t the first choice of serious photographers 😉


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  1. tony says:

    I think there was a site that was doing tutorials that try to mimic the functionality of photoshop, obviously a free app can’t do everything but..  I’ll have to try to find the url again!


  2. Walzenbach says:

    Hey Tony,

    That would be awesome! Paint.NET comes in really handy when one wants to do some quick work without starting a full blown image processing software like PS.



  3. Cool video, I laughed a lot! 😉