Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is online :-)

This is AWESOME 🙂 IE8 Beta 1 is here and it comes with some nice features like

  • CSS 2.1 Compliance - showing how pages built for Firebox and Safari will work in IE. There is an IE7 compatibility mode that can help with support for older non-compliant code
  • CSS Certification - test suite for CSS support, contributed 702 test cases for CSS standards body
  • Performance - good progress towards making IE8 closer in performance to the other popular browsers
  • HTML 5 - start of support for HTML 5, deeper integration between the browser and AJAX capabilities, support for making web pages network aware (am I online or not)
  • Developer Tools - integrated develop tools for IE: script debugging, DOM inspection, CSS style tracing
  • Activities - services linked to raw content on the page, for example link to Live Maps from an address or eBay from a product name. No links in code, XML definition of activity context menus
  • WebSlices - subscribe to a portion of a Web page, for example a slice of an eBay page, slice of an Amazon page, a slice of Facebook, etc. The site developer adds a bit of markup to make this feature available. Making this specification available through the open standards process

Get IE8 Beta 1 from



Comments (2)

  1. Georg F. Kuehn says:

    With installing IE 8 beta the Norton Internet Security 2008 anti pishing tool is disabled. There must be a compatiblity problem. It’s not so good.

  2. nobbies says:

    can not run outlook express in Internet Explorer Browser 8

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