JavaScript Intellisense for the Virtual Earth Map Control

Whooow!!! This is freaking sweet! Did you ever wish for JavaScript Intellisense support when working with the Virtual Earth Map Control in Visual Studio 2008? Marc Schweigert set up a tiny CodePlex project named the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper which enables exactly this.

In order for Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense to work Marc created a couple of js files including comments. Those files can then be used by the Intellisense engine when a method is consumed (To be more specific Marc created a file VeJavaScriptIntellisenseHelper.js which references all the other files including the xml formatted comments. VeJavaScriptIntellisenseHelper.js then is referenced using the /// <reference> syntax as can be seen in the picture above effectively enabling Intellisense support.). Marc explains all this in a channel9 video.

If you are interested in the details of JavaScript Intellisense read Scott Guthries' blog labeled VS 2008 JavaScript Intellisense or visit my .NET Usergroup Talk in Ulm (26.03.2008, 18:00 (GTM +01:00)).

Unfortunately, there is one catch. Since there has to be one js file per VE Class and pulling everything together is basically a manual task this project is tons of work. Marc already did a great job but is still looking for volunteers to help. If you intend to help drop Marc an email which can be found at the end of the above mentioned channel9 video.



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