YEAH! Virtual Earth v6 is now available :-)

Woahh! This is awesome news! Virtual Earth (VE) is available in version 6 and as you might know I have strong feelings about VE since I started 🙂 As a matter of fact the first thing I did was upgrading to v6 of VE.

Because of the awesome improvements in the VE engine and performance improvements in general I was also able to increase the display accuracy from 500 points to 1000 points being shown at a time (have a look at the nice resolution above) with increased performance on my site. The restriction of 500 points had been a limitation of v5 where a VEShape of type VEShapeType.Polyline could only hold 500 points. Fortunately this limitation has been lifted in v6 🙂 To be honest I have no idea if there still is a limit on the max. numbers on points in a VEShape. I did a tiny test with all the geodata I collected since May 2007 (45606 points) and the VEShape got drawn nice and dandy 😉 although it took a little while...

The remaining improvements of v6 over v5 can be read at the Virtual Earth Developer blog >> Virtual Earth Version 6 - Now Available. To name just a few v6 features as a small teaser VE offers now Multipoint routing, Safari support, Ability to use MapPoint Web Service (MWS) as a routing engine, Localization, Bulk addition of VEShapes and much more! One of my favorite features is the Traffic Tile Overlay which can be seen below and I hope to be available in Germany soon!

Traffic information on Microsoft Virtual Earth

Btw. there is also a SDK for v6 which can be found on

All the best!


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