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Microsoft has commissioned a project to look at the software development & delivery lifecycle of “closed source” companies and compare/contrast that to software development and delivery lifecycle of commercial “open source” companies.  The investigation will look at not only how software is designed, developed and tested – but also at  how the vendor is able to leverage the ecosystem. 

A blog ( has been set up to gather perspectives on both the Open Source and Closed Source Development Models and to encourage wide audience feedback and input for the study.  We have conducted interviews with various industry experts to get their insights on both the development models.

The project has generated a lot of excitement and interest within Microsoft and the Open Source Community and we have been able to gather perspectives from various experts on both the sides.
Some of the people interviewed on either side are as below:

  • Ryan Waite, Group Program Manager for High-Performance Computing at Microsoft.

  • Mark Gross, Engineer Open Source Technology center Intel Corporation

  • Shawn Burke, Director, Microsoft’s .NET Developer Platform group

  • Stormy Peters, Director Community and Partner Programs OpenLogic

  • Michael Howard, Senior Security Program manager at Microsoft

  • Phil Costa, Director of Product Management for Flex and ColdFusion at Adobe

  • Marc Miller, Open Source Software Evangelist in the AMD Developer Outreach Organization

  • Patrick Hogan, NASA World Wind

  • Jay Pipes, North American Community Relations Manager at MySQL

  • John McCreesh - Marketing Program Lead – OpenOffice

  • James Reinders - Chief Evangelist - Software Products Division - Intel

Please feel free to visit the blog and share your insights.


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