Erster Nachtrag zum Vista TechTalk: “The Windows Vista Developer Story: Application Compatibility Cookbook”

Danke an meinen Kollegen Frank Prengel für diese Perle des Internets: The Windows Vista Developer Story: Application Compatibility Cookbook.

Einen ersten Überblick vermittelt das doch sehr umfangreiche Inhaltsverzeichnis:


Thirty-Minute Compatibility Check
Operating System Versioning
User Account Control
User Account Control: Application Update Guidelines
Windows Resource Protection (WRP)
Internet Explorer Protected Mode
Windows Vista 64-Bit
Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA)
Session 0 Isolation
Networking: TCP/IP Stack and the Windows Filtering Platform
Networking: Kernel Mode IP Helper APIs
Networking: IPv6
Networking: Turning Off the Windows Firewall
Compatibility Risks
Help and Support Center
Assistance Platform Client
Default Programs
Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) in Windows Vista - Customer Ready Documentation
Graphical Device Interface (GDI)
Painting (WM_PAINT) Behavior Differences
Rendering Performance
UIPI (GUI Portion of User Account Control)
High DPI Scaling
PNG Icons
Named Pipe Hardening
SPAP Deprecation (Pstore)
WMI Providers: Default Security Hosting Model
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Standard User Analyzer
Help Engine Support
Junction Points and Backup Applications
Notes for Backup and Recovery
Search the Internet
See Also

Weitere Inhalte folgen in kürze!


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