The designer-developer problem

As fun we like to joke about the designers-developers problem as for everyone of us has his own story for a designer or a developer who cannot understand what he is saying. Here are some funny translations from the video below [View:]


SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud! Special thanks to Saudi.

SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud today. Why? because these are the people who are developing and supporting over 65,000 customers worldwide, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We came a long way through many SharePoint(s) in the past. Today, SharePoint 2010 has been sold over 125 million SharePoint licenses! and still the next…


Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback :D

Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback 😀  if you are frustrated from microsoft developers :D,,, this is classic vedio on the dealing with customer pain,  


want to have fun? take a break and write some code for fun :D

ok, i get it now, you are here either to tell me how geek am i or simply we are in the same ship :D,,, anyways coding is fun no matter who says what,, When i take a break, either i wirte code, watch sombody writing code or maybe reading about writing code ,,, now…


Code Review somtimes fun :D

  once I was looking into someone’s code to solve an issue,, I don’t know if i am violating copyright policies, but this is hilarious,,, I saw this peace of code:   IF ( X != 5 ) { //absolutely nothing here 😀  } else {  //his actual code 😀 }   Either the guy is…


Gadgets Every Developer Need

Ok!! this is getting really strange 🙂 Windows Vista will be with everybody,, people will try to get it by all means,,,   So what do i recommend iws Go and personalize your Vista! i really recommend some gadgets to be installed in your sidebar 😉   First of all to find the Gadgets, you…



I couldn’t belive that i’ll be really blogging on MSDN!! i was blogging since long time on then i decided to separate the tech blog from the personal one…