Upcoming Windows Phone Training in Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar in Dec 2011

Khobar – 1st Dec, 2011 Riyadh – 5th Dec, 2011 Jeddah – 8th Dec, 2011   A Windows Phone Developer Workshop is a 1 day freeevent where you come with an idea for a Windows Phone App and we show you howto build the app. The workshop is divided into two sessions. In the firstsession…


The designer-developer problem

As fun we like to joke about the designers-developers problem as for everyone of us has his own story for a designer or a developer who cannot understand what he is saying. Here are some funny translations from the video below [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS8RCNZvJqQ]


التغريد والتعليم

في مدونتي الشخصية تحدثت عن أثر استخدام تويتر في التعليم. إذا أردت المشاركة أو الاطلاع: “التغريد والتعليم”


SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud! Special thanks to Saudi.

SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud today. Why? because these are the people who are developing and supporting over 65,000 customers worldwide, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We came a long way through many SharePoint(s) in the past. Today, SharePoint 2010 has been sold over 125 million SharePoint licenses! and still the next…


مخيم ويندوز فون لمطورين الهواتف الذكية في السعودية

أتوقع نجاح باهر لتجمع مطورين الهواتف الذكية! مايكروسوفت تقيم مخيم للتطوير ويندوز  فون7 للهواتف الذية. الجهاز جديد ولكنه واعد. وأود أن أرى مجتمع التطوير السعودي والعربي الغني يشكل مكانا بين المطورين العالميين. سيقام المخيم في 6 أكتوبر في مدينة الخبر و 13 في الرياض وجدة في 23. ه>ا رابط التسجيل: http://www.mssaudicommunity.net/wp7camp.html


Windows Phone Camp in Saudi

Wow what a great event! Microsoft will be helding a camp for windows phone 7 development. The device is young but promising. I would like to see a rich Saudi community forming up. October in Khobar, 13th in Riyadh and 23rd in Jeddah. Here is the event link: http://www.mssaudicommunity.net/wp7camp.html  


Towards More ReUse in SharePoint

Towards More ReUse in SharePoint Trying to enhance the ReUse in your daily work, Microsoft Practices has developed what is so called SharePoint Guidance or Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010. This guidance has a ready code for you to ReUse. What is it? The SharePoint Guidance Library is a collection of reusablecode-based utilities that address…


Microsoft Technical Communities February Online Sessions

This event is one of the must attend events as Microsoft technical communities created the February Online Sessions. The agenda Covers many technologies such as SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX , XNA, Client to Mobile Programming, Database Development and Administration. Agenda Day 1 (10 February 2011 : 11 AM to 4 PM)   Session Time Speaker…


Weekend TechTalk 2011: Wael doing the Governance Talk

 This weekend we’ve recorded a second session about SharePoint Governance in Saudi as a part of an ongoing series of a technical channel that talks about several Saudi Microsoft Community technical topics.   This episode talks about SharePoint Governance which consist of People, Porcess and Policies.   [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aVyDzF48Uc&feature=player_embedded]   To access the channel and see all videos:…