Attachments in InfoPath Form that is a Task Workflow

Woho, here is a nice one :), one of the small things that gets you sometimes bang your head for long long time till you find out what’s the problem… Symptoms: So if you are having a workflow that uses InfoPath forms for tasks and you have attachment controls in it, then you probably faced…


[Live Search Tips] Adding your site in Live Search

Here are few tips and tricks around adding your Site in windows live search and improve the search experience. I have a friend called (Fabrice Canel) who gave me some educational point in Live Search… Do not trust site: queries and number of results estimated by search engines Due to complexity and performance hit to compute…


Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback :D

Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback 😀  if you are frustrated from microsoft developers :D,,, this is classic vedio on the dealing with customer pain,  


want to have fun? take a break and write some code for fun :D

ok, i get it now, you are here either to tell me how geek am i or simply we are in the same ship :D,,, anyways coding is fun no matter who says what,, When i take a break, either i wirte code, watch sombody writing code or maybe reading about writing code ,,, now…


WSS Coding Best Practices

WSS Coding Best Practices     (\   Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object ModelBest Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services ObjectsCreating a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Web Part Using Visual Studio 2005 ExtensionsDevelopment Tools and Techniques for Working with Code in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Part 1 of 2)Development Tools and…


SharePoint @ CodePlex !!!

many were asking me wehre to find free features, web parts, solutions, kits and different experiences,,, also they want to share thier parts too with the community!!  here you go all of you 🙂 its from the open source site from microsoft ,,,,  till the time i have posted thisd post the library…


Smart Pal, Like no better Pal you can get !!

look at this interesting link:   1st Place Winner in Saudi: Project SmartPal SmartPal is designed to work as an advanced artificial intelligent teacher that acquires information in any field via multiple sources including the internet, loads it into an artificial brain, and then answer any question or query in that field via normal…


Back to Action

Salam All, Thanks for waiting for me to respond to your comments and requests,, i was in a vacation and i just came back i had a lot of requests and comments to be answered,, i’ll do it soon,,, just bare with me,, 😀


PostCards For MyBlog Buddies :D

Hey All, just wanted to say hi from Redmond – Sealttle, wa these are post cards i got from the Visitor Center @ Microsoft,, if you go there you’ll find all new Tech. than MS is working on,,, (and yes you can touch the surface with your bare hads, i did,,,) play with windows mobiles,…



  Sorry for the delays here in my blog,,, but my bet, cause am in vacation,,, I’ll be back in action by the 8th of August,,,   Wish me luck n fun 😀