SharePoint Governance – How to keep your house clean

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What is this all About?

SharePoint governance is one of the topics that is driving people crazy because of the nature of product (SharePoint) and how it is deployed from situation to another. When SharePoint 2007 was released the first time, it unleashed so much powers that end users never dreamed to possess. One simple page or a calendar would require development efforts from a developer in the old days.

With great power comes great responsibility

Once end users get empowered with such a tool, the more they will get involved and more usage scenarios are evolving inside the users communities outside of the IT’s sight. Also, SharePoint deployment comes with some maturity time and the more people tend to understand SharePoint and spend more time with it, obviously the more mature they become with SharePoint. That’s why SharePoint governance comes into picture and gets so much attention these days.

Simple definition, what is SharePoint governance?

We define SharePoint governance by setting governing rules or policies around people and set procedures to accomplish this.

So how do we start?

To understand SharePoint governance we need to understand how we want to deal with: people and policies & procedure.

What do i need to know about people?

You need to understand how people are interacting with SharePoint and start building your teams accordingly. You might want to look at your "Strategy Team" and the "Tactical Team". Your tactical team is should span between "Operational Team", "Support Team" and "Development Team". Also, you might want to look at trainings and how to assess your people around SharePoint?

To continue in details follow this article: SharePoint Governance – People teams, roles and responsibilities.

What kind of policies & procedure do i need to set?

You need to understand what kind of " Security Policies" you want to implement to make sure that you help people accountable according to their roles & responsibilities. Also, you need to build a strategy around the "Application Lifecycle Management" around SharePoint and set policies around the "Development and Customizations". Finally, you need to look at Information "Architecture, Operations and Administrations" and set all kind of policies to govern them.

To continue in details follow this articleSharePoint Governance - Policies and Procedures.

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