enable proxy settings in SharePoint web.config to view RSS Viewer Web Part

Open your web.config on the site you want

to do this just tell the web.config that you have an internet access with a proxy:

Kit Kai's Tech Blog:



i have few notes here:

- you cannot have authenticated RSS feeds unless you enable Kerberos

- if you have your proxy as IP address like and port 8080, your node still looks like

<proxy proxyaddress="" bypassonlocal="true" />

- you need to retart iis

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  1. Asem says:

    my problem is appearing when I used Data Viewer web part, this web part can display the RSS Feeds internally in our network, but when we supply for it an external RSS Feed for example CNN News, it gives us this message "An error occurred while processing the data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more information.", after I see this message, I knew that it’s a problem of a proxy server setting, but I also searched on the internet, and I found some tags that must be inserted in the web.config file which is:



            <proxy usesystemdefault = "false" proxyaddress="http://proxy.company.com:8080&quot; bypassonlocal="true" />



    But after I put them, and make iisreset, nothing happened and the same error message still appears, so should I do something else in SharePoint server configurations, or we need to do some extra configurations not related to SharePoint server, but in the proxy server itself, and if yes, what is the use of these proxy settings tags if we should change the proxy settings!!

  2. wael says:


    i think your problem is about restarting IIS,,,

    i had that problem,,,

    i know you already did that, but try it again, maybe it wasn’t restarted properly,,,

    it seems to me that you followed all steps right,,

    just check if there is somthing blocking from the server itself like a firewall!!

    did you follow Kit’s blog for the steps??

  3. ISCG says:

    Hi, Thanks for this solution. We got this problem. After we added valid proxy setting to webconfig and after server restart it it working. On ISA we got allow http for all users from MOSS IP address to the RSS in external.

  4. Rogier Duurkoop says:

    When you want to use proxy authentication:


       <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true">                

                                  <proxy proxyaddress="http://proxyserver:8080&quot; bypassonlocal="false" />



  5. Cristian says:

    Where can i specify and use and a password for the proxy

  6. M says:


    We use a PAC file.

    Someone can tell me what I need to put in the web.config file ?  

    Many thanks.


  7. @Asem

    I was using the RSS Viewer webpart, which is fetch the record from External RSS Feed

    For that , I have to make default proxy setting in Web.Config

    If User put wrong Proxy Address then "An error occurred while processing the data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more information" Error Message Come.

    Proxy Addressis of  your machine proxy server name , If machine is not using any proxy  , then leave the proxy address property  from the proxy tag.

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