Microsoft SQL Server has a stronger security posture than the Oracle RDBMS!!

This was a nice white paper David Litchfield on November 2006 and he published it in the NGSSoftware Insight Security Research (NISR) Publication. a copy of the white paper is on the follwing site: The article had a nice and non-biased points on each product…   Summary: “paper will examine the differences between the security…


[part 1] Upgrade Your Old Customized Templates from WSS2.0 to WSS3.0

  Read this before you start: [Customization] from Wss2 to WSS3   By now you know you need an upgrade file or mapping file.. keep in mind this is an expesive option to choose and somehow it might involve a lot or effort…   Goal: A site upgrade definition provides a means to transform sites customized…


[part 3] [Upgrade Your Old Customized Templates from WSS2.0 to WSS3.0] Constructing WSS Upgrade .xml

once i was involved in an upgrade/migration project for WSS / MOSS and i faced some difficulities constructing the upgrade file,, Case:  In the file WssUpgrade.xml which is found in: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Config\Upgrade”   <  <List FromTemplateId=”104″ ToFeatureId=”00BFEA71-D1CE-42de-9C63-A44004CE0104″ />   I already know from SDK that: Attribute Description FromTemplateId Required Integer. Specifies…


Code Review somtimes fun :D

  once I was looking into someone’s code to solve an issue,, I don’t know if i am violating copyright policies, but this is hilarious,,, I saw this peace of code:   IF ( X != 5 ) { //absolutely nothing here 😀  } else {  //his actual code 😀 }   Either the guy is…


Weird Thing about Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition VHD!!

 Ok, I might be blind, but if you go and download the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition VHD from this site: you’ll find an excellent VM to work on SQL Server 2005,,, but the strange thing, YOU CAN’T FIND THE ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD any where in the pag,,, and oh, what makes it more fun,…


[Customization] from Wss2 to WSS3

If you have any Customization in WSS2.0 and wanted to migrate to WSS3.0, this small chart might help you,,, Upgrading MOSS.jpg


Wss 2.0 and Wss 3.0 – Templates structure Comparison

Introduction  This is a small comparison between Wss 2.0 and Wss 3.0 regarding the site templates. simply reviewing the folder structures will give you a better understanding on what happened in Wss3.0. Why do I need to know? This might help you in two ways. One, when you migrate from Wss 2.0, you’ll be looking were to…