Why Develop on Wss 3.0 and MOSS?

Many people were asking me this question and i came across somthing that might help on that : Why Develop on Windows SharePoint Services? Web Parts We put a modular user interface into every SharePoint site, and it uses the full power of ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET. Sites as Programmable Objects SharePoint sites, their…


Gadgets Every Developer Need

Ok!! this is getting really strange 🙂 Windows Vista will be with everybody,, people will try to get it by all means,,,   So what do i recommend iws Go and personalize your Vista! i really recommend some gadgets to be installed in your sidebar 😉   First of all to find the Gadgets, you…


Saudis Meeting BillG

Wow that was a nice event were we had a chance to have a chat and PICs with Bill Gates last week, It was an exciting event, full of promising yet very competitive. Here is a nice PIC: Right to left: Down: Dr.khaled Al-Daher (MS Arabia General Manager), Mr. Bill Gates (MS CHAIRMAN) and Mr….



I couldn’t belive that i’ll be really blogging on MSDN!! i was blogging since long time on spaces.live then i decided to separate the tech blog from the personal one…