Getting ahead of the storm

For those out there who haven’t yet heard, VMWare is experiencing a problem (as of Aug 12) with licensing for ESX and ESXi. You can find out more here: The crux of the issue seems to be that a recent update caused the license to expire, preventing any guest OSs from starting. A talked…


Reasons for limited time sync accuracy in Server2012R2 and older releases

(.. .and limited default time sync accuracy in AD Forests with Server2016+ servers…) More than any other, the most often asked question of the Windows Time Service is “How do I configure w32time for high accuracy?” The short answer is that Server2012R2 and prior releases do not support high accuracy time synchronization because the primary…

To be (reliable) or not to be (reliable)

Of the many things that w32time does, figuring out which host to sync from is one of the most important, and thus, one of the most talked about. In the stand-alone scenario, peer discovery (aka figuring out which host to sync with) is an entirely manual process. W32time chooses a peer based on the contents…


Configuring a Standalone NtpServer

Recently, I had a customer ask if they can use w32time as a time source for other computer & devices on their network. The Windows Time Service is fully capable of acting as a time source for anything that is NTPv3 compliant. Before we start firing up w32tm to configure the service, we will examine…


Configuring the Time Service: Max[Pos/Neg]PhaseCorrection

In the last few months of the Windows Server 2008 development, a good friend of mine was discussing a problem they have been seeing with customers. The problem, lovingly titled as the “Large Time Jump” issue involves a machine in the domain (usually the PDC) making a large jump in time, either forward or backwards….


Configuring the Time Service: Enabling the Debug Log

The debug log is a powerful tool in the W32Time bag of tricks when you need to figure out why something isn’t working. The debug log tell you (for better or worse) what the Time Service is doing under the hood. Where it is connecting to, how long it is waiting between polls, etc. In Windows…


Configuring the Time Service: NtpServer and SpecialPollInterval

One of the most talked about configuration options for W32Time has to be the list of time sources that W32Time connects to for synchronization. It is important to note that W32Time will only actively synchronize with one time source at a time, even though you are able to list more than one time source. The…