A Tale of Two Clocks

In the very first post, I tried (for better or worse) to summarize the purpose of the Windows Time Service. The goal for this service is to keep the clock in sync with whatever time source the user prescribes. In this post, I will take a more abstract view of W32Time and what it tries…


Keeping the Domain On Time

Windows Time Service on a domain (referred to as ‘Domain Synchronization’ or ‘Domain Sync’ for short) is a huge topic. I will do my best to cover all of its aspects in this article, but some concepts won’t be covered until a later date, and others still relate directly to the original RFC for NTP….


We don’t measure time. We define it.

It sounds a bit egotistical, but in fact, it is quite correct. I was recently reading an interesting article on the Discover Magazine website. If you have the time on your hands, I would recommend reading the original article (linked at the bottom). Here are a few excerpts:  “I recently went to the National Institute…


What is Windows Time Service?

Welcome to the Windows Time Service blog. This blog is here to answer some of the questions about the service and show off some of the useful features that it has. Every week, I will try to cover a new topic surrounding Windows Time Service (w32time for short). If anyone has any requests/suggestions for topics,…