Windows Server 2016 Time Accuracy Improvements Video

We’ve posted a short video on Channel9 which provides a high-level discussion of the improvements to time accuracy with Windows Server 2016, as well as some simple guidance on what is required in order to achieve the highest accuracy in your environment.   Of course the TechNet article has much more detail, but this should…


Windows Server 2016 Improvements in Time Accuracy

In 2017, governments are requiring stricter time accuracy with regards to UTC for financial transactions.   We have improved the time accuracy in Window Server 2016 and under the right conditions, UTC time accurate to within ±1 millisecond, can be distributed throughout your domain.  Additionally, these improvements extend to Hyper-V where the same accuracy can be…


Secure Time Seeding – improving time keeping in Windows

What year is it? ( AKA Robin Williams’ Jumanji meme) Most network security protocols rely on the use of keys that expire after a certain amount of time. This appears to be a plain vanilla statement until you think a bit about it. Timekeeping over long periods of time is critical for tracking the lifetime and…

Moving Day

How the time flies. With over 2 years since the last post, it is high time we get this blog moving again. Looking at the traffic statistics, there were nearly 50k views of the NET TIME and w32time post, so it is evident that folks are still interested in this content. However, since I am…

NET TIME and w32time

It seems there is a bit of ambiguity out there regarding the relationship between w32time and the NET TIME command. Well, here are the answers, straight from the horse’s mouth. Taking it from the top  As all of you know (or at least should) know by now, w32time is the Windows Time Service, which is an…


Group Policy Settings Explained

In an effort to alleviate confusion around the Windows Time Service group policy settings, here is a detailed explaination of the various settings, what their respective purposes are, and a small bit about how to configure them. Keep in mind that Windows Time Service is designed to be very robust right out of the box….


Demystifying Group Policy Settings

The settings for the Windows Time Service exposed through group policy have long been seen as a bit mysterious, and for good reason. Well, today we will take the first steps towards remedying that problem. After spending a good amount of time with one of my favorite writers (thanks Kurt!), we have developed a revised text…


Getting ahead of the storm

For those out there who haven’t yet heard, VMWare is experiencing a problem (as of Aug 12) with licensing for ESX and ESXi. You can find out more here: The crux of the issue seems to be that a recent update caused the license to expire, preventing any guest OSs from starting. A talked…


High accuracy time, and why we don’t support it

More than any other, the most often asked question of the Windows Time Service is “How do I configure w32time for high accuracy?” Bob Drake has taken the time to answer this question over at the Ask the Directory Services Team blog. You can read his post here: