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Rádi bychom vás pozvali na sledování technických webinářů, které se týkají využití cloudových služeb v Microsoft Azure. Webináře můžete sledovat jak v daném čase, tak i následně, všechny jsou v anglickém jazyce.


Building applications in the Microsoft Cloud – an overview

During this first session  we look at Microsoft Azure from the application builder’s point of view: it covers the main services Azure provides, the scenarios that benefit the most from the cloud, as well as important resources that can help you get started.

Speaker: Tibor Kőnig, Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Hungary
When: kdykoliv na vyžádání


Scaling applications on Azure – How to scale and monitor various parts of your application?

How to scale websites, cloud services, virtual machines, database ... right way. Where to look for right indicators about application health and workload. How to choose "appropriate" resources from Azure to achieve requested application responsiveness in various architectures. Recommendations for application architecture, where Azure platform services can speed up your application.

Speaker: Miroslav Kubovcik, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Slovakia
When: 12.3.2015, 12:00 – 13:00


Azure SQL IaaS vs. Paas comparison

Are you unsure which SQL service is better for you from technical, pricing, maintaining, application point of view? Let’s compare Azure SQL service with MS SQL as IaaS. We will highlight differences, limitations together with some architectural recommendations.

Speaker:Jan Pospíšil, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Czech Republic
When: 19.3.2015, 16:00 – 17:00


Migrating solution to Azure – How to start and move into right direction?

How to choose among a number of components in Microsoft Azure. Key challenges during migration Windows based solutions.  What are key benefits from particular PaaS offerings (SQL Database, Web Site, Cloud Service, IaaS, Service Bus, Azure Active Directory etc.). Comments about architecture – How to build real cloud-based solution.

Speaker: Tomasz Kopacz, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Poland
When: 26.3.2015, 16:00 – 17:00


Azure storage services

Do you need to store non structured or stream based data? Which service suits best your needs? We will go bit deeper into DocumentDB, File Share, Table storage and Blob storage. You will get general overview and see some practical examples, scaling hints and best practises

Speaker: Jan Pospíšil, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Czech Republic
When: 2.4.2015, 16:00 – 17:00


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