VOLTA aneb tvorba multi-tier webových aplikací snadno a rychle

Byl uveřejněn velice zajímavý projekt Volta. Tento projekt si klade za cíl usnadnit a zjednodušit tvorbu distribuovaných webových aplikací napsaných libovolným CLR jazykem (tedy i např. IronPython atd.) a též v JavaScriptu.

Zajímavý je princip jakým VOLTA pracuje: "In essence Volta is a recompiler. Volta works on MSIL rather than on a textual source language. Volta rewrites MSIL into any number of target languages, including, today JavaScript and MSIL itself. Rewriting, as a general technology, lets us delay permanent decisions about architecture, execution platform and browser until after our code is basically working. Furthermore, it frees us from having to express all these irreversible decisions in your source code. The result is a programming model that enables us to easily reshape a working application, and finally realizes the promise of one application running anywhere.

Volta effects recompilation through 3 general capabilities: refactoring, retargeting, and remodulating. Refactoring converts single-tier code into distributed, concurrent code as directed by user-supplied annotations. Retargeting converts MSIL code into code for other virtual machines."


Více, včetně downloadu, na adrese: http://labs.live.com/volta (samozřejmě je pro vývoj vyžadováno VS 2008 ;) )

Michal N.

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