Thanks for an amazing conference!

On behalf of the Visual Studio Extensibility team, we want to thank everyone for attending our Visual Studio Extensibility Developer conference.  It was an amazing week which went off without a hitch due to a ton of planning and coordination by Anthony, Heather, Jamie, Laura and the rest of our marketing team.

Some of the highlights include: 

  • 325 attendees including our youngest VSX developer.  He's so young he's still years away from a driver's license 🙂

  • 125 different companies in attendance

  • 44 sessions with 5 speakers from the community

  • 60 formal 1:1 meetings between Microsoft and the partners

  • A great partner dinner at the Olympic Sculpture Garden in Seattle

  • A pizza and segway night for partners

On top of that, we even had three Microsoft executives denied our wonderful cookies in between sessions.

We received a lot of great feedback after the conference and hope that all of you left jazzed about extending Visual Studio!

The slide decks for the sessions on the first two days which were open to the public are posted on the conference sessions link.  All the sessions were also recorded and we'll try make those available as soon as possible.

If you have any feedback on how to make the conference even better next year, please fill out your surveys or post a message on this blog.

Thanks for a great week!


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