VSX FAQ Blog created for scenario based resource references

We just created a new VSX related blog called the VSX FAQ blog.

We will be posting new entries and updating existing ones on the VSX FAQ blog as needed.  We have over 100 VSX FAQ topics with links already created and currently being reviewed, so expect to find many more entries posted over the upcoming weeks.

From the introduction blog post Welcome to the VSX FAQ blog:

Welcome to the VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) FAQ (frequently asked questions) blog, a related resource to the VSX Team blog and the VSX Developer Center.

This blog is based on the concept of using a blog (including it's RSS feed) to host a scenario based technical FAQ listing with the answers being simply links to various online resources. You can subscribe to the VSX FAQ blog RSS feed, search this blog, and filter on various topic categories.

Existing VSX FAQ blog entries will be updated as needed when new related resources are added or discovered online for relative topics. Subscribing to the RSS feed will not only assist in discovering new FAQ entries, but will also be a way of being alerted when existing FAQs have links for additional related resources.

VSX developers should feel free to post comments to any of the VSX FAQ blog entries to recommend when additional resource links should be added, or when there are issues with any of the existing links. Another option to submit feedback is to click on the Email link on this blog's home page to send an email message directly to Ken Levy (who maintains this blog).

For additional educational content around VSX, check out the VSXUE Team blog. The VSX UE (User Education) team is also known as the Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem Documentation team at Microsoft. Topics on the VSXUE Team blog are generally topic previews, walkthroughs, tutorials, and late-breaking documentation to supplement new releases of the Visual Studio SDK and the VSX community.

For technical questions to any VSX FAQ blog posts or for VSX technical questions in general, visit the VSX Forum. The VSX Forum discussions include the Visual Studio SDK, extending VS using DSL Tools, add-ins, and macros.

Visit the Visual Studio Gallery to browse a showcase of free extensions and commercial products to enhance your development experience with Visual Studio.

For additional information, resources, news, and documentation related to Visual Studio extensibility including the Visual Studio SDK, visit http://msdn.com/vsx.

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