VSX sessions at DevTeach 2007 Vancouver summary and slides

Along with the VSX keynote at DevTeach, we had two VSX team members who gave presentations. Below are the slides for each session as well as the cool little Source Code Outliner light source code solution ZIP used in Aaron's session:

Download VSX session slides and sample (3.2MB)

Aaron Marten gave the session An Introduction to Visual Studio Extensibility

Have you ever wished that Visual Studio was customized for your development needs? Come and learn how you can create Visual Studio packages in Visual Basic or C# to extend your development experience. Join us as we create an extension from start to finish using the freely available Visual Studio SDK. We will cover the various tools and frameworks available in the SDK including the Managed Package Framework. If you are simply looking to improve your personal productivity with Visual Studio, or have an idea for the next great Visual Studio extension, you won’t want to miss this talk.

James Lau presented Build your own IDE with the Visual Studio Shell

Visual Studio Shell is a new offering in the Orcas wave of products. With this new product, tools developers can now easily build their own specialized tools environment on the same platform that Visual Studio is built on, without any royalty fee. Whether you are looking to build an “Express” edition for your programming language product, or you want to build an IDE for specialized controls systems, the Visual Studio Shell can help you cut cost and focus on your areas of expertise. In this session, we will walk you through how to build your own custom IDE on the Shell. You will walk away inspired to build your own specialized tools environment on this new platform!

  • VS Shell Overview

  • AppID overview

  • Integrated mode vs. Isolated mode

  • Shell and VSX

  • Demo/Walkthrough

  • Show Storyboard Designer, so audience knows what we are building

  • Creating shell project

  • Overview of customization points

  • Show how to do key customizations

  • Removal of default packages

  • Customizations of menus/commands

  • Plugging in a VSPackage for the Shell

  • Explain architecture

  • Other VS Shell scenarios, samples of IDEs built on VS Shell

  • Resources

Goal: The target audience of this session is tools developers. This session will show them in-depth how they can leverage the new VS 2008 Shell to build their own IDE. Since we are announcing that VS Shell will be available with VS 2008 RTM at TechEd EMEA, this session is strategic to build momentum and excitement around this new offering.


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