VSX keynote at DevTeach 2007 Vancouver summary and slides

On November 27th, I (Ken Levy) kicked off the first DevTeach conference in Vancouver, BC with a keynote on VSX. Our VSX tag line is Extend Your Development Experience. This not only includes those who extend VS using the SDK, add-ins, macros, visualizers, etc., but also includes those who buy partner products and install free tools. Conference attendence was about 335 including speakers. The keynote was 65 minutes, about half of which was various demos around creating VS packages with the VS SDK, demos of applications using the new VS 2008 Shell, add-ins, and more. Included in the keynote was a demo of the Tip-of-The-Day RSS Browser by Beth Massi.

Download VSX keynote slides (1MB)

VSX Keynote details:

  • VSX Overview

  • AddOn Shell for World of Warcraft demo

  • Levels of VSX

  • VS Add-ins demo by Beth Massi

  • VS Ecosystem

  • VS SDK Browser demo

  • Source Code Outliner PowerToy demo

  • Visual XSD Schema Designer for VS demo

  • Storyboard Designer as VS Package demo

  • DSL Tools demo

  • VS Shell overview

  • Storyboard Designer in VS Shell demo

  • VSX community and resources


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  2. 最近、ASP.NET 開発者から Windows Workflow Foundation の効率的な習得方法をたずねるメールを何通か受け取りました。 そこで、この目的に適う 7 部構成の Web キャスト

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