New VSXUE Team Blog from the VSX documentation team

The team at Microsoft who works on the VS SDK documentation has created their own team blog for VSX documentation related topics. The VSX UE (User Education) team blog can be found at Here is a brief introduction they posted to kick off the new blog:

Welcome to the VSXUE Team blog. The VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) User Education team is also known as the Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem Documentation team at Microsoft. While several of the VSXUE team members have their own blog, we wanted to have a team blog for general posts representing the team. Topics here will generally be topic previews, walkthroughs, tutorials, and late-breaking documentation to supplement new releases of the Visual Studio SDK and the VSX community.

The VSX UE team will often post walkthroughs and other VS SDK documentation items on the blog as a preview prior to them being formally added to the VS SDK Documentation. Two detailed blog entries followed:

An example of a tutorial in the VS SDK documentation online:

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