VSX CoDe Focus Magazine online

VSX CoDe Focus magazine is now online at http://code-magazine.com/focus/vsx. Microsoft sponsored this special edition of CoDe Magazine on the topic of VSX. The entire 76 page magazine is available online in multi-page HTML format and also as a PDF download (13MB). Printed copies of the magazine will be available in late October at various developer events and mailed to many existing CoDe magazine subscribers.

The VSX issue is now highlighted on the CoDe magazine home page at http://code-magazine.com. Thanks to EPS Software for helping create another great Focus issue of CoDe magazine, and to all the VSX community and Microsoft product team members who authored the articles.

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  1. This has already been mentioned on the VSX Team blog , but CoDe Magazine has just published a special

  2. Computer Repair says:

    Great post, really helped me understand how this all works, thank you! I will come back again.

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