VSX logo symbolizes perpetual VSX community revolution

As part of the various ongoing VSX community efforts, we decided to create a cool graphic logo for VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility). We hired a graphics designer, Gregor Jamroski, and he created the VSX logo here. We plan to use the VSX logo with things like the VSX team blog, VSX web site, printed materials, materials for events, presentation slides, etc.

The VSX logo represents the VSX community which is a virtual and growing ecosystem that includes the VS SDK, all aspects of extending VS (packages, add-ins, macros, visualizers), .NET developers who extend VS, VSIP partner companies, and the VS SDK team (also known as the VSX team or the VS Tools Ecosystem team).

Updated: Here is our enhanced black VSX logo:


Direct URL for VSX logo image (size: 700w x 420h, 87K):


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