May 2007 webcasts for VSX now available for on-demand viewing

Momentum Webcast: Do-It-Yourself Tools Inside Visual Studio (Level 100)

The Microsoft Visual Studio development system includes a great set of built-in development tools. But if Visual Studio does not have exactly the tool you need, you can always build one yourself. Join this webcast as we demonstrate how you can build customized tools inside Visual Studio to maximize its capabilities. We walk through the process of developing a package written in managed code using an example written in Microsoft Visual C#. The managed package we use as our example is from the open-source project XPathmania, which was the winner of the Microsoft Visual Studio Extensibility Plug-in contest in the managed package category. XPathmania extends Visual Studio XML Editor by adding support to test your XPath queries against the open XML document. Attend this session to learn how to begin creating your own development tools.

Presenter: Don Demsak, .NET Solutions Consultant and XML MVP,

Momentum Webcast: Grow Your Business and Reach More Developers by Extending Visual Studio (Level 100)

Join this webcast for a complete overview of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program. Learn how the VSIP program can benefit independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators, academic institutions, corporations, or any developer interested in extending Visual Studio by integrating tools, components, and languages into the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). We explain the technological guidance this program provides for advanced integration scenarios, and we cover community and technical support, Visual Studio licensing options, and co-marketing opportunities.

Presenter: Shawn Nandi, Lead Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

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