IronPython Studio for VS 2008 Shell released

IronPython Studio is now available as free download. Working with the VSX team at Microsoft, Pablo Galiano of Clarius Consulting released IronPython Studio for developing Python applications. The free VS SDK includes a sample application called IronPython, a full integration of the IronPython language, IntelliSense, compiler, debugging, etc. integrated into Visual Studio. While the IronPython…


VSX sessions at DevTeach 2007 Vancouver summary and slides

Along with the VSX keynote at DevTeach, we had two VSX team members who gave presentations. Below are the slides for each session as well as the cool little Source Code Outliner light source code solution ZIP used in Aaron’s session:Download VSX session slides and sample (3.2MB) Aaron Marten gave the session An Introduction to…


VSX keynote at DevTeach 2007 Vancouver summary and slides

On November 27th, I (Ken Levy) kicked off the first DevTeach conference in Vancouver, BC with a keynote on VSX. Our VSX tag line is Extend Your Development Experience. This not only includes those who extend VS using the SDK, add-ins, macros, visualizers, etc., but also includes those who buy partner products and install free tools….


AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft released

AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is now available for free download, an open-source development tool aimed to bring the Visual Studio experience to building World of Warcraft add-ons. This WoW development environment uses the new free Visual Studio 2008 Shell isolated runtime and does not require any version of Visual Studio to be installed…


Pablo Galiano’s VS Shell posts, in a nutshell

Pablo Galiano has a great ongoing series of technical blog posts on the new VS 2008 Shell. Some of the recent links to Pablo’s recent Shell posts below, in a nutshell… Deploying VS templates for a VS Shell Isolated application  VS Shell development quick links  VS Shell application switches  Customizing a VS Shell application  VS…


Storyboard Designer for VS 2008 Shell released

Working with the VSX team at Microsoft, Pablo Galiano of Clarius Consulting released an application called Storyboard Designer, a DSL tools based application that uses the VS 2008 Shell. Storyboard Designer does not require any version of Visual Studio to install, it only requires the free VS 2008 Shell (isolated mode) runtime installation. The application…


Alan Stevens talks VSX on Channel 9 Code To Live

Alan Stevens is interviewed by Josh Holmes in this 10 minute Channel 9 video: Alan Stevens talks on Visual Studio Extensibility. In October, Alan presented a VSX session at the devLink conference in Tennessee. The video includes Alan showing a brief demo talking technical around getting started building an application with the new VS 2008…


New VSXUE Team Blog from the VSX documentation team

The team at Microsoft who works on the VS SDK documentation has created their own team blog for VSX documentation related topics. The VSX UE (User Education) team blog can be found at Here is a brief introduction they posted to kick off the new blog: Welcome to the VSXUE Team blog. The VSX…


Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0 and Visual Studio 2008 Shell released

Yesterday, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2008. Today the VS Ecosystem team has released the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0.We also released, for the first time, the new free Visual Studio 2008 Shell redistributable runtimes for both Isolated mode and Integrated mode. has the links to the SDK, and Shell downloads, and other resources.A new era…


VSX Community Letter for October 2007

This month’s letter includes information about what the VSX team has been working on in the past month, our new VSX CoDe Focus magazine issue online, the new VB Pack for VS 2005, what’s new on VSX team and community blogs, upcoming event news, VSX community news, a link to our October VSX survey, and…