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VS 2013 Isolated Shell generates an error when attempting to load a custom project type

After adding support for a custom project type to a VS 2013 Isolated Shell project, you may encounter the following error dialog.     This error message is displayed when the the isolated shell instance loads the wrong version of msbuild assemblies. In particular, the isolated shell’s .exe.config file (in my specific case, my MyShellony.exe.config)… Read more

Managed Package Framework for Projects (MPFProj) released for VS 2012

The VS team recently released an update of the MPFProj sample sources to facilitate authoring custom project types for Visual Studio 2012. Including a link to each version below; as each is specific to a given version of the Visual Studio IDE. MPFProj for VS 2012 MPFProj for VS 2010 MPFProj for VS 2008 VS/MSDN… Read more