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Creating a VSIX Deployable Project (or Item) Template with Custom Wizard Support

Every now and then, I get an interesting question or problem from a customer (thanks Uma) that highlights a need for some additional documentation, or at the least a sample or walkthrough to illustrate how to get from A to Z. In this instance, the question was “How do you localize a project (or item)… Read more

VS 2013 SDK Samples released

It took a bit longer than we’d have liked, but the VS team has finally gotten around to porting and posting the original VS SDK samples from VS 2010, over to VS 2013. Below is a listing of the samples and where they can be downloaded from. Build Progress Bar – VS 2013 A Visual… Read more

VS 2013 Isolated Shell generates an error when attempting to load a custom project type

After adding support for a custom project type to a VS 2013 Isolated Shell project, you may encounter the following error dialog.     This error message is displayed when the the isolated shell instance loads the wrong version of msbuild assemblies. In particular, the isolated shell’s .exe.config file (in my specific case, my MyShellony.exe.config)… Read more