Test Case Management (TCM) Reporting – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Previous posts: TCM Reporting – FAQ – Part 1 Continuing on with series, here are the next set of frequently asked questions related to Reporting with Test Case Management (TCM) in Visual Studio 2010.   FAQ List – Part 2 I would like to create custom test reports in Excel based off the Analysis Services cube….

“Test Case Migrator Plus” (Excel/MHT to TCM) tool on codeplex

We have updated the “Test Case Migrator Plus (Excel/MHT)” tool (previously called Test Case Migrator) on codeplex today!!! What’s new for this version (RC2) With this new drop in RC2, the following functionality has been added to the Excel based workflow:  · Migrate not just Test case, but also Requirement/User story and Bug work item…

Import multiple unit test assemblies using TCM.exe

Syed just posted a blog about how to import unit tests from multiple assemblies in one hit.  Check out http://blogs.msdn.com/syedmehdi/archive/2010/04/22/how-to-import-multiple-unit-test-assemblies-using-tcm-exe.aspx  Thanks Bruce Taimana

Extending Visual Studio Unit Test Type part 2

It seems I am still learning the wonders of blogs.  I have finally posted this but it seems to be lost in the plethora of the others blogs posted since then. http://blogs.msdn.com/vstsqualitytools/archive/2009/09/04/extending-the-visual-studio-unit-test-type-part-2.aspx Thanks Bruce Taimana Program Manager Visual Studio Test Team

Pex and Moles – Test Power Tools from Microsoft Research

Today we have released two new Power Tools from Microsoft Research, Pex and Moles.  Pex and Moles are Visual Studio 2010 Powertools that help Unit Testing .NET applications.  Pex automatically generates test suites with high code coverage. Right from the Visual Studio code editor, Pex finds interesting input-output values of your methods, which you can…

Running two Microsoft Test Manager’s Side By Side

When working with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), you might want to run two at a time. We often want this internally so we can test MTM with MTM. However, when we created MTM, we didn’t want people to accidently open up multiple instances just because they lost MTM in the noise of all the windows…

Microsoft Test Runner series – part 7 – Exploratory Testing

Hi Again, So far we have talked about how features & benefits of MTLM when used for the tests that are predefined. E.g. creating actionable bugs, using fast forwarding & so on. Many times testers test the application in ways that are not predefined (i.e. no fixed flow of steps is prescribed by the author)….

Microsoft Test Runner series – part 6 – Shared Steps

Hi Again, Let’s talk about an important concept in test case design – reusability. As testers you know that there are few steps that may be common in many test cases e.g. steps to log into the application may be common to multiple test cases. In other cases the cleanup steps (or any other steps…