Test Case Management (TCM) Reporting – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Previous posts: TCM Reporting – FAQ – Part 1 Continuing on with series, here are the next set of frequently asked questions related to Reporting with Test Case Management (TCM) in Visual Studio 2010.   FAQ List – Part 2 I would like to create custom test reports in Excel based off the Analysis Services cube….

Multi-line test steps available in Microsoft Test Manager

NOTE: Cross-posted from Brian Harry’s blog Original: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2011/10/19/multi-line-test-steps-available-in-microsoft-test-manager-among-other-things.aspx "The biggest “news” is the addition of support for multi-line test steps in Microsoft Test Manager. It’s mentioned in the #1 suggestion for Visual Studio Test and Lab Management. I’m super excited about being able to bring this feature out quickly."