Visual Studio UI Test Extensibility–Scenarios & Guiding Principles

NOTE: Cross-posted from  Mathew Aniyan’s Blog. Original post:  This blog delves into the design of extensibility model for Visual Studio UI Test Framework and lays out a roadmap which 3rd party UI Control vendors can use to build UI Testing support for their controls.

“Test Case Migrator Plus” (Excel/MHT to TCM) tool on codeplex

We have updated the “Test Case Migrator Plus (Excel/MHT)” tool (previously called Test Case Migrator) on codeplex today!!! What’s new for this version (RC2) With this new drop in RC2, the following functionality has been added to the Excel based workflow:  · Migrate not just Test case, but also Requirement/User story and Bug work item…

Extending Visual Studio Unit Test Type part 2

It seems I am still learning the wonders of blogs.  I have finally posted this but it seems to be lost in the plethora of the others blogs posted since then. Thanks Bruce Taimana Program Manager Visual Studio Test Team

Extending the Visual Studio Unit Test Type, part 2

In part 1, we introduced Unit Test Type Extensibility, highlighting the main parts of the interface.  In this round, we will discuss three additional pieces: Adding a user interface Parameterizing the test method Aggregating test results UI extension Due to the amount of code in this sample, I will paste some of it at the…