Known-Issues and workarounds for Orcas (Beta1): ASP.NET

Issue #1: Can’t generate tests for a Web Application Project Create a Web Application Project (WAP) Add a class and methods to the project, and try to generate tests against them Get the following error message in the “Create Unit Tests” dialog: “Unable to load or locate assembly”, and can’t check or expand the WebApplication…

Orcas Beta1 is out

Orcas Beta1 is out! If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to download it; you can grab it here:   I will now open a thread where people in my team (including myself) can tell you about the different issues that we know exist in the product, and their workarounds, if they exist….

Team System chat

Have you ever attended one of the live Team System chats?  Real members of our product team attend and answer your questions directly for an hour.  Don’t miss this opportunity to interact directly with software engineers who work directly on the product!  Visual Studio Team System Chat – This Friday Join members of the Visual…

Shortcuts to the Docs

Have you ever looked for something in the testing tools documentation and had a hard time finding it? If so (or even if not!), consider the following places: Need quick info on how to complete a task? Try How Do I in Team Edition for Testers. In its own minimalist way, this topic takes you…

Missing test types?

I recall reading on the forums recently that someone installed SP1 and could no longer see any of the test types in the New Test dialog.  We could never repro this and honestly were at a loss for why that could occur. Recently a fellow employee ran into this and I had an opportunty to…

Welcoming Unit Testing to the Pro Sku

We are happy to announce that the Orcas Pro Sku will contain a the majority of the unit testing bits of Visual Studio.  For the details, check out Naysawn’s posting on the subject.

Software Testers Deep Dive

Jeff Beehler has recently compiled a list of VSTS Testing resources identified as useful by internal MS test teams on his blog.  Check it out!

MSDN Team Tester Forum

Have you heard about the MSDN Forum where you can post questions about Visual Studio?  Microsoft MVPs, other customers, and even folks from the product team monitor it and reply with answers. The forums are at The Visual Studio Team System Test forum is here. Cheers, David R. Williamson Team System Test

VSTST gets the Tester’s choice award in the .NET Test/Performancecategory

We’ve won the Tester’s Choice 2006 award in the “.NET Test/Performance” category in a repeat of last year. We’ve also been announced as runners up in the Defect/Issue Management category, the load/perf test category and the Integrated Test Suite category. More on the awards announced in the Dec issue of the Software Test and Performance…