FAQ: Unit Testing WPF Applications

Visual Studio Unit Test Framework can be used to create unit tests that verify application logic, and data model in your WPF applications. Unit Test Framework is not suitable for testing UI of WPF applications. Coded UI Tests are the recommended approach for testing UI of WPF applications. These tests provide validation of user interface controls, and functional testing of user interface  of WPF applications.

Comments (1)

  1. Paul Stovell says:

    Given that Coded UI Tests are VS Ultimate or Premium only, I guess those of us who can't afford it don't deserve automated UI tests.

    NUnit has no problem newing up and rendering WPF objects and App classes. MSTest fails because it uses a different thread for each test. Rather than fix the problem (make MSTest use one thread), we'll invent a much more complicated solution and make people pay for it – nice.

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