Announcement – General availability of Visual Studio Lab Management

Earlier today, Dave Mendlen, senior director of Developer Marketing, announced that Lab Management functionality in Visual Studio 2010 would be generally available at the end of August.  One of the key aspects of this announcement was that Lab Management would be available as an added benefit to existing or new customers who have licenses for one of the following products:

·         Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN, or

·         Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 with MSDN

This is a huge deal! It democratizes the access to virtual labs for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Lab Management in Visual Studio 2010 provides an integrated development and testing platform for end-to-end virtual lab management. The Lab Management benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity: Quickly setup, tear down and restore complex multi-machine virtual environments to a known state for build deployment or testing. The build-deploy-test automation workflow makes your software development more predictable and  eliminates waste associated with manual and time consuming tasks required otherwise.
  • Better Quality: File actionable bugs that include a link to environment snapshot. An environment snapshot allows a developer to restore the environment to the same state when the bug happened and easily reproduce the problem.
  • Better Collaboration: Friction free usage of virtual lab resources. Everyone in the team gets full visibility into environments in use.
  • Reduced TOC: Hardware consolidation due to virtualization


The product team that built Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 and Lab Management, is using Lab Management every day! See this blog from Dinesh Bhat, the Test Manager for the product unit, wherein he shares his experiences and benefits of using Lab Management.


To see what other customers and market analysts are saying about Lab Management, refer to this blog from Amit Chatterjee, the product unit General Manager.


Call to action:  Try out Lab Management now and experience all the benefits yourself! Visit the link to get started with Lab Management.


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